24 Mar

Hello everyone. 

Today I want to share with you some testimonies that came from others, when they decided to tithe. It's amazing how much we are blessed, even if we put in just the 10% instead of a little more. These are some of the stories that came to us.

Our first testimony came from an elderly man. This is his story...

"My wife and I knew our marriage was over. We both grew up as Christians, together. There was way too many struggles in our marriage. We have four children. Finally, we went to our pastor to talk. He challenged us to try tithing. So, my wife and I made sure that we were above our tithe amount. It was really tough, but we found out that the more obedient we were, the more we saw God blessing us! God has blessed my career, our finances and above all that, we rededicated our marriage! We seen God's blessings in our family. We saw our children, see the power of God. And we just celebrated our 20th year of marriage!"

Our second testimony came from a couple in their 40's. This is their story....

"We had a miscarriage and were devastated! We attended a large church and could see that they really didn't need our money. Seeing all the blessings going around to all the people in the church, we decided to try tithing ourselves. After trying for 8 years to get pregnant, and being faithful through this process, at the age of 45, we stopped the fertility drugs and gave up hope on having a baby. We accepted that we would never have a child on our own. In January of 2019, I felt sick. It was a strange kind of sickness. We found out that we were having a baby and at 46 years old gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Savannah in September! We are forever grateful to God for our game changer miracle! We will continue to give, in obedience because we know God does perform miracles!"

Our Third testimony came from a woman who lost her husband. This is her story....

"Two years ago my husband passed away and my church family was there for me. This is why I give. I was paralyzed at the news that my husband was gone. All I remember was sitting in the hospital parking-lot, for over an hour and I didn't want to go back home. To the place where I would never see him again. I remembered the words of my pastor. 'Wherever you go, God has gone before you.' And I have lived that truth each day. I have stayed close to my church family. The support I received was overwhelming! They showed up emotionally, Spiritually, and financially as well. God has shown up the most in my son Omar. After going to a Youth Camp, he came home with an orange Bible and gave his life to Christ! Even more than that, he decided to get baptized 2 months later! So, I tithe to my church, so we can keep giving hope to families who are going through the same unbearable pain."

Our last testimony came from a 24 year-old girl. This is her story....

"I live in Ghana. I was connected to a church in the United States, Online. I started tithing and praying there, and watching church online. I decided to start a Bible Study, and it became a church for Jesus! I want to encourage people around the world to believe in Jesus!"  

It is so amazing to see how much the Lord helps us and blesses us in so many ways! How wonderful it is to have a Heaven Father who will watch over us, take care of us and bless us abundantly!! I hope you enjoyed these testimonies. Have a wonderful day!

Take care and God Bless,


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