18 Mar

Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to share something that touched my heart completely. It was a bittersweet moment in my life. In December of 2016, my son and I moved to Miami, Florida. I could not handle the cold anymore and was actually in a wheelchair when we arrived down there. 

We were taken to an organization that deals with people who have nowhere to go. They put us in a shelter, which would give me time to save up some money, to get us a place of our own. Well, being considered homeless was not where I wanted to be with my 13 year-old, autistic son. 

As time went on, he became my rock. He is what kept me going. God was in our lives as well and I am so thankful that He was there. We found a church that we absolutely loved! When we were at a Bible study, which was called "Crew Night" they treated me with open arms and it was as if they knew us for a long time! I fell in love with the people right away. Before we left, they prayed over me. I have a massive DVT in my left leg so it swells up to the point where I cannot walk. That's why I used a wheelchair.

The next morning, I got up and to my surprise, the swelling went down more than half! I began walking around and felt so much better! I didn't need the wheelchair anymore so I ended up donating it to the Salvation Army, for someone else to use. With the Grace of God, I'm still walking today!

It was two days before Christmas and my depression was getting the best of me. Being homeless limitted me on things I could do for my son. There was no money for gifts so I wasn't able to buy anything for Christmas. This is where I became SO proud of my son! When we were walking back to the shelter I told him that I wasn't going to be able to buy him anything for Christmas. He said, "It's all right." I then asked him, what he wanted to do for Christmas Day? The answer he gave me, will be my favorite memory forever! He said, "I want to take our Bibles and go to the park to celebrate Jesus' Birthday." With this, my eyes filled with tears. It was the most loving thing I ever heard.

Christmas Eve, we went to the beach. It was crazy because we are used to snow and freezing cold weather, at this time of the year. It was 82 degrees, sunny and beautiful! It was a lot of fun, considering it was the first time we got to see the ocean. With that was our first time to see a real dolphin jumping out and splashing into the water! It was amazing. It was getting late when we left to go back to the shelter. One of the workers became a good friend to me and my son. She was very impressed when she heard what we were doing for Christmas.

Well, just like he wanted to do, we got up and grabbed our Bibles. My best friend met us on the way and we went to the park. It was so peaceful down by the water. (It was where the cruise ships came in and out). As we got settled on a bench, we took out our Bibles and read the story of Jesus' birth. That day was all about HIM. I have never felt so peaceful and happy! It was a beautiful, sunny day and not to forget.....It was the best Christmas that we ever had! It brought me closer to God and from then on, things began to change for us!

Being homeless has its difficulties, but it also made me realize what life is truly about. I was able to see a whole new way of how people survive in this world and most homeless people are God-loving people, who just happen to be going through trials of their own. I would not change what we went through for anything. It opened my eyes and made me realize how much I needed Jesus in my life. Besides, He is the one that worked through my son, to come up with the perfect Christmas Gift ever!

The story doesn't end there. When it was getting late, we headed back to the shelter. As we walked in the doors, our friend stopped us. "This is for you, young man." She said, handing my son a garbage bag full of presents! So I guess the Lord was pleased with his decision on what to do for Christmas! He ran to the room and ripped the paper off of every one! It was so touching it made me cry. He truly deserved to have presents and it made me so happy to see him blessed! 

I hope you enjoyed this story and know that God loves you. It is truly amazing how much He cares about us and holds our hand through all that we go through. Thank you, Jesus!

Take care and God bless,


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