23 Feb

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to talk to you about this morning's Service. First of all, I would like to say that it was what I needed to hear! The Lord knew exactly what to have Pastor John say, to get my attention.

The topic was:  The Wind vs. The Word. The Wind, 'the mind' always finds a reason not to do something. It's easy to give up and find reasons to do just that. The Word, 'the Spirit' is sometimes difficult, but will always have the better outcome. Just this morning, I, myself was struggling with this. 'The mind' almost won. I found myself thinking, "I'm in so much pain. I'm not going to make it to church today. I'm so sore, I can hardly move." After I thought that, I listened to a song, on the radio that brought tears to my eyes and touched 'the Spirit' inside me. I immediately texted a friend for a ride and my son came with me to church! I am so grateful to have a loving Father, who knows what is best for me. Not only did I get filled with His Word, I was able to walk around, so the pain I was feeling earlier disappeared! Thank you Lord, for an amazing morning!

I would like to mention another message Pastor John talked about... "Do you trust God in His timing?" Have you ever said, "Not right now, it's a bad time!"? I know I have said that multiple times in my life! However, I also know it was at that time, when I received blessings! God loves to give blessings at 'bad times'.

If you watch the weather, you are going to find yourself coming up with reasons not to go somewhere, or why you should enjoy it, instead of going to church. (Or something else important, that needs to be done.) 'To watch the weather' leads to following your feelings, and walking away from your Faith. You always fall, when you're consulting feelings, instead of Faith. Just remember, God's Word is greater than any 'wind'. FOCUS ON THE WORD!

Thank you for your time. I hope you have a wonderful Faith-filled day! Thank you Pastor John for the awesome message!

God bless,


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