26 Aug

It's amazing to see people come together in time of crisis, but imagine how wonderful it would be if they got together just to help out or to show love and kindness. That's what happened in the story, I am about to tell you.

It was late October and the temperature was going down. An elderly man and his grandchild were living in the country, by themselves. The child was Nine years old and the sparkle in his eye. Her mother had died of cancer, when she was Four and lived with him ever since. 

There were many trials along the way. The man would tell her, "Nothing to worry about, Katey. The Lord will provide." Then tap the top of her head. The girl really didn't know what he meant by that, but she let him continue and didn't say a word.

One time, the man was going out to the mailbox, when he had tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. Katey ran out to him. She tried with all her might to help him. He leaned against a statue that was at the end of his driveway, as she ran in to get the phone. When she looked out the window, she noticed that he was standing up! Quickly, Katey put the phone down and ran to him. "How did you get up?" She asked. He looked at her and smiled. "Ah Katey. The Lord will always provide." They held hands as they walked inside.

A week later, the man and Katey were getting ready to go to town. They needed groceries. He locked up the house and Katey ran to the car. After he buckled up, he turned the key in the ignition. The car wouldn't start. "What are we going to do now, Grandpa?" Katey asked. He looked at her and smiled. "Ah Katey. Nothing to worry about. The Lord will provide a way for us." They got out of the car and headed back inside. As Katey went to the kitchen, he looked down at the bag, half-filled with potatoes. While she was playing in her bedroom, he grabbed four of the potatoes and went outside. As he buried them in the ground, he looked up and said, "Ok Lord. Multiply these. I know You will provide." Afterwards, he returned to the kitchen. 

They lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the rest of the potatoes, for about a month. While he waited for the small garden to grow, he also planted tomato seeds and cucumber seeds. Soon, the garden was ready. "Katey, come here. I want to show you something." He told her, walking towards the door. She followed him out the door. "Grandpa, where did that come from?" She asked, staring at the garden. "I told you the Lord would provide." He said, with a smile. Katey helped him pick what was ripe and brought them in the house. Now, they had food. The next day, they were sitting on the porch, when a woman on a bike rode up to them. "Good afternoon!" She said, laying her bike on the ground. It was their neighbor, who lived a mile down the road. "Afternoon Ma'am." He said. "I made four of these but it's too much for me. I thought maybe you could use some." She told him, holding out a towel, with something wrapped inside. He carefully took it and opened the towel, to take a peek. "Oh, homemade bread! Thank you Ma'am." He said, smiling. Katey knew what that meant. She tilted her head back, "Thank you for providing." She whispered. The lady stayed for about Twenty minutes and then headed back home. "Let's go in and get dinner ready." He told Katey. They went in the house and closed the door.

As time went on, Katey and her grandfather were blessed many times. Each trial that came was a little more difficult than the last. Their faith was strong though and they never gave up. It kept them close. All they had was each other.

One night, Katey was asleep in her bedroom. The man was sitting in his rocking chair, listening to gospel music, on the radio. As he became drowsy, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Seconds later, his arm slid off to the side. There was a lit candle on the end table, which his arm knocked over. The carpet caught on fire, which spread to the couch. Katey began to cough. When she opened her eyes, she knew something was wrong! She ran out of her room. "Grandpa! Wake up!" She yelled, in-between coughs. He opened his eyes. "Katey! We have to get out of here!" He said, reaching for her hand. Quickly, they went outside.

Thankfully, the neighbor was up and seen the fire from her living room window. She called the fire department and then rushed over on her bike. "Are you two all right?" She asked, throwing her bike down. "We're fine, but our house is gone!" Katey cried. He put his arms around her. "The Lord will provide, Katey." He said. "Will you stop saying that! Why does He do this to us just to provide for us?!" She yelled. Just then, the fire truck arrived. It was too late for the house. It was fully consumed.

Katey and her grandfather were placed at a hotel for a week. Katey didn't know what was going to happen. She was so afraid. As she looked at him, Katey sighed. He was praying again. The news about the house spread through town quickly. When their week was up, a deputy gave them a ride back to the country. Katey was confused. "Grandpa, why are we going to the country? Our house isn't there anymore." She questioned. Before he could answer, the deputy opened his mouth. "I was told to bring the two of you out there. Your neighbor is having a meeting." He explained. 

When they got to the pile of soot and ashes, they exited the police car. About Thirty people were standing around. "Hey there! I bet you're wondering what is going on." His neighbor grinned at him. "Yes. You could say that." He answered. Just then, a well-built, tall man walked up to them. "Hello. I am Mayor Townsman. These fine people are here to rebuild your house for you! Now, don't argue with us. We know what happened and we are here to help out. It's good to work together. Oh, another thing...This belongs to you." The mayor said, handing him a key. They were both confused. What was the key for? "It belongs to that." The mayor laughed, as he pointed to a small, brand new, pickup truck! 

It didn't take them long to build the house. When it was finished, he was given the keys. "I don't know how to pay for this." He told them. The mayor put his hand on his shoulder. "You don't have to. It's all paid for. Oh! One more thing. Follow me." He said, walking towards the back of the house. Katey and her grandfather were close behind. As they got to the backyard, they stared in surprise. There was a large, completely tilled garden area! "We got you some seeds for the garden as well, so when you're ready to plant them, you can." The mayor told him. "I don't know what to say! Thank you so much." He said, shaking the mayor's hand. After that, they went inside to check out their new home. There was a chest freezer off the kitchen. When he opened it, he smiled. The neighbor filled it with loaves of homemade bread. 

When everyone left, Katey and her grandfather went outside to sit on their brand new swing. Katey looked around and then at him. "Your right Grandpa. The Lord really does provide. He provides A LOT!" She giggled. He put his arm around her, as they continued to swing...

I hope you enjoyed this story. It's so true that when we go through trials, as long as we don't give up, God will provide a way for us to push through. He helps us every day and watches over us. We just have to learn to give our issues to Him and let Him do His work for us! Thank you, Jesus, for the trials in our lives and also for Your love to help us through!

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

God Bless,


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