06 Dec

I always believed that Christmas was the biggest time for miracles. The magical, glistening snow, the lights around town, the carolers singing and the joy that it all brings. This is a time to be thoughtful and appreciate what we have. 

Carla and her 5 year old son went into the church and were greeted with warmth and kindness. She didn't know how to take it. Carla was going through so much and never felt so welcomed. The church was having a rummage sale and it was the only way she could get items for her family. Her son, Jared looked around and noticed a box of toys. Immediately, he rushed over to see what was inside. One of the members watched the little boy, with a smile on her face. There was something about this family that touched her heart. As Carla came to the table, the member told her that it was Three dollars for whatever she could fit in a bag. Carla's eyes widened. She was so relieved to hear that! Now, she could get some more things for her daughter and grandson for Christmas! You see, Carla's daughter, Andrea was living in a dangerous situation and needed to get out. Carla went to the house and grabbed her daughter, along with her grandson, Tyler and raced away. She brought them to her house, but they had to leave everything behind. Now, starting over was the only option. That's why God brought her to the church. 

As time went on, the members of the church became friends with the family and decided to do something for Christmas. They began asking for donations. Delivery trucks began to stop with packages for the family. Every package was for her older son, who was over 6 feet tall and in a size 16 shoes! Carla had a difficult time finding clothes that fit him. This helped her a lot! 

Eventually, the packages stopped coming and there was only Forty dollars in donation money. That was not enough to cover the rest of the family. The members began to worry. How could they help this family, when they were on a limited income themselves? One of the members tried posting on social media to get donations, but nothing was happening.

A week later, the same member was sitting at her desk and suddenly, something came over her. She thought about the family that touched their hearts so deeply. Bowing her head, she began to pray. "Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for the help we received with the packages and donations. Lord, please help us reach out to people. Open their hearts Lord. Let us show Your love through us. Please allow us to get enough to help this whole family for Christmas. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." As she went back to working on her computer, she noticed the list that was made for the family. She smiled as her eyes moved from one item to the next. She decided to check out the website for some of the clothes. 

While she was looking through them, the door opened and a man came to the window. She stood up and opened it. He smiled and said, "I seen your post about helping a family in need, for Christmas. I would like to donate Five Hundred dollars." The lady was in shock! "Oh my goodness! Are you sure?" She questioned. "Yes. I like to help." He answered, giving her an envelope. The lady smiled and thanked him, as he opened the door to leave. She sat down and peeked inside to see a stack of money. Suddenly, she started to cry. As she remembered her prayer, she looked up at the ceiling and thanked the Lord.

It's amazing how prayers get answered and how God is always there to help us. If we would just learn to let Him! This was a true story about a family that we helped for Christmas. They touched my heart so deeply. The names have been changed for privacy but this is how it came to be one of God's miracles. The time seems to become brighter than ever when sharing and giving are part of the Holiday, but God's LOVE is the HEART of Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this story. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Wishing everyone a safe, joyful and miraculous Christmas.

Take Care & God Bless


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