16 Feb

Hello. I just wanted to share with you a thought, on Sunday's Service. It was on the definition of success. Have you ever wondered what true success was? It's easy to say, "The project was a success!" or "The dinner that I prepared was a complete success!"

Is having a good workout considered a success? If a surgery went well, is it truly a success? If you read the whole Bible, is your knowledge of God a success? 

It takes time and hard work to get better at something. Imagine how long it takes and how strong you need to be, to reach true success!

In Joshua 1:8, God talks about 'good' success. Does that mean there is 'bad' success? As success takes a long time....Plant your seed, be patient as it grows and let it be filled with God's love. Amen.

God Bless,

Debra Marunde

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