02 Mar

Hello all!

I just want to say that game night, at the New Harvest Church was amazing! We played the game, 'Win, Lose, or Draw' which everyone seemed to enjoy. We divided into 2 teams and my team lost. (We'll win next time!) It felt so good to be with church family and to have so much fun! 

The potluck dinner was great! There was pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken and more! Everyone was full! It was a perfect night! To me, this is what life is all about! Loving and praising our Lord, spending time with family, sharing stories, good news or anything else, helping others. Not to forget...being joyful and having fun! Thank you, Lord, for being in our lives. I cannot wait for the next game night!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you all for joining us! 

Take care, and God bless,


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