06 Aug

Today, I would like to tell you a true story about some friends of mine. (Thank you Penny and Doug, for giving me permission to tell your loving story.)

Penny and Doug were married in Riverton, Wyoming in 1994. Married life was treating them very well and a year after, they decided to start a family. This would be more difficult than they had imagined.

As time had passed, without any results, Penny and Doug were starting to worry. It was now three years into their marriage and still no children. Eventually, Penny could not take it anymore. She made an appointment with her doctor. Since she was going in for some tests, Doug stayed home to work on some projects.

Penny parked the car and walked into the doctor's office. The staff knew her and Doug well. As she sat down, in the waiting room, she grabbed a magazine. Turning the pages, she thought about their situation. By the time they called her name, Penny had completely forgot what was on the cover and quickly came back to reality. She stood up and followed the nurse to the back room.
The doctor knocked on the door and opened it. She smiled nervously. As he sat down, the conversation began. Penny told him everything. The thought of something wrong and not having children were traumatizing to her. The doctor assured her that they would figure it out, together. He picked up the phone and ordered the lab to do some blood work. A few minutes later, a lab technician came into the room.

Now, the most difficult part was waiting for the results. Penny left the office and got into her car. She took a deep breath and let it out. Then, she closed her eyes and prayed. This was something she did every day.

Penny and Doug grew up together, reading the bible, going to church and bible camp. They both came from a Christian family. They knew that God would provide for them, and promised to keep Him first throughout their lives together.

Penny parked in the driveway and headed inside. Doug was in the back yard. She went to join him. They talked about the appointment and what they were going to do. What would they do if they couldn't have children? That night, they prayed together. Then Doug held her close as they drifted off to sleep.

The next three days were the most painful. It was so hard to wait! Finally, the phone rang. Penny answered and fearfully waited for a response. It was her doctor's nurse. She told Penny that the doctor wanted her and Doug to come in so he could go over the results of the tests. Penny was so scared. She hung up the phone and turned to face her husband. He put his arms around her as she told him.

As they waited for the doctor to come in, so many thoughts went through their minds. Something is wrong with Penny. Nothing is wrong with Penny so it has to be Doug. Finally, the doctor entered the room. After sitting down, he explained to them that the results came back normal. There was nothing wrong. With that being said, then why couldn't they have a baby? Doug began to worry. They ordered tests on him as well. Now, the waiting game again!

It took another two days and then they were back to the doctor's office. Again, the doctor told them there was nothing wrong. When they asked him for his opinion on why there was no baby, he said, "The only thing I can tell you is, you want this to happen so bad. Give it time. It will happen in 'His' time." They both smiled, a little relieved and shook his hand, before they left.

Two months later, Doug was working on one of his projects in the back yard. Penny was doing the dishes in the kitchen. As she looked out the window, she noticed a police car pull into the driveway. Quickly, she dropped the hand towel and rushed to the front porch. There were two officers. They got out of the car and removed their hats. When they asked for Doug, Penny's heart dropped! As they walked around the house, Penny yelled for her husband. The sound of her voice made him run to her. Then, as he noticed the police officers, he came to a stop. What were they doing there?
Doug had two brothers and one sister. His sister and one brother were in the military. Then they were told the news. Doug's older brother and his wife were killed in a car accident! Now, they had four children. Two girls and two boys. It was up to Doug and Penny on what happens next. They could not see them going into a foster home.

The next morning, a car parked in the driveway. Doug and Penny came outside. The door opened and out came Allison age 9, Gabe age 7, Connor age 5 and Little Abby age 3. They ran up to their aunt and uncle. Tears fell heavily. Doug thanked the lady for dropping them off and she went on her way. After a few minutes, they went inside to unpack.

Doug and Penny took care of the kids for a whole year before they went to court to adopt them. This was a big step for all of them. It wasn't how they imagined having children, but they were happy to have them. The pain of losing their parents was still there, but they were doing better. The sound of laughter was coming back.

It was two months after the adoption was finalized and Penny was not feeling well. Doug took the kids to school and then returned home to check on her. He made her promise to see the doctor before going to work. Abby was with Penny's sister. She would start school in a year.

Penny parked the car and went inside the doctor's office. It didn't take long for him to enter the room. She didn't look good. She told him she thought it was the flu. He took some tests and came back with a smile on his face. When he said it wasn't the flu, she became worried. That is, until he told her. "It's not the flu. You are pregnant." Penny was in shock! She clapped her hand over her mouth. Asking him about six times if he was sure, he began to laugh. Quickly, she got up, said goodbye and rushed out the door.

When Doug seen the car pull up, he hurried over to her. He began to question her. Penny smiled at her husband and said, "Well, God says it is time." Tears were in her eyes as she smiled. He threw his arms around her. They were so happy. They suddenly had four and 'a half' children!
It just proves how much God loves us. We want things to happen immediately, but we seem to forget that He is in control. We need to let go and let God do things for us when it is the right time....HIS TIME!

I hope you enjoyed this story. It was so emotional to me when I was given the opportunity to share it. No matter what you go through, remember...God will provide. It might not be the way we expect, but He does answer us, in His way at His time. Have a wonderful day.

Take care and God Bless,


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