15 Jun

Hello everyone.

Today I would like to share with you a story of "Praying For Growth".

It started with a building, filled with empty space. As time went on, the feeling of putting that building to good use got stronger. A church was born and the Holy Spirit began to fill the walls. There were only a handful of people gathering and praying for the Lord's help in reaching out to others.

It didn't take long for the news to get out. Still, the building was longing for more hearts to enter it. Plans began to fill the minds of the Pastor and members that were there. As they joined together, they came up with some great ideas. 

The Lord guided their thoughts and ideas thoroughly. There were times when nobody knew what was going to happen. As they put their faith in God and left it in His hands, the plans became reality. Things began to change for the better.

The remodeling began and they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. It was a huge project, but with God's help, it was accomplished. The back room was finished and ready to be changed into a soup kitchen. The kitchen itself was waiting for new cabinets and counter-tops, which would take a while to finish. A new room was built with many shelves. The plans to have a food pantry now came to life. Now all they needed was patience. Waiting for God to say, "It is time. Open it."

As the church continued to do the right thing, new faces started to come. Once a month, they would have a potluck dinner/game night. Everyone who was able to make it there, was filled with the Holy Spirit and so much joy. It was a night of spending time with Christian brothers and sisters, as laughter and fun filled the room.

Another idea was placed inside the Pastor's mind. "Why not a basketball court for kids?" So, not too long after that, the back of the parking lot became a court. As we all prayed, in hopes to reach the children, we stood there, taking in everything that God has done for us. 

About a week later, our prayers were answered. There were 13 kids outside, playing basketball, in our parking lot! It was amazing watching them. Laughter and cheering filled the area. The place was growing!

If we patiently wait for the Lord to provide, it will happen. It is so wonderful to see the Holy Spirit working inside of us! The love, caring and working together will make you grow closer to God than you can imagine! Thank you, Jesus!

I hope you enjoyed this story and please never give up on your dreams, plans and ideas. The Lord does provide when you include Him! Have a wonderful day.

Take care and God Bless,


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