21 Mar

Hello everyone.

Today I would like to share with you what my 17 year-old autistic son wanted to do for his birthday yesterday. He made me so proud and I thank God for giving him such a loving heart.

When we woke up, I got a phone call stating that his shirt that we ordered came in. It was perfect, since it was his birthday. We walked down to the shop and picked it up. The weather was very cold and the wind was strong, making it feel even colder.

We waited for a cab and went to the store to buy his cake. He picked the one he wanted and after paying for it, we waited for the cab to go home. I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and his answer filled my heart with warmth and love. So we did what he wanted...

The cab came and we got inside. The driver took us to Little Ceasar's Pizza, where we ordered 3 pizzas. They had 2 ready but the 3rd one would take about 5 minutes. That was no problem for us, so we waited. 

As the worker was taking out the pizza, I asked the lady if she could call Public Safety Dispatch and have an officer meet us there. When she asked why, I told her what my son wanted to do for his birthday. She immediately got on the phone and called them. 

Now, with the Coronavirus and all the issues going around, the dispatch lady didn't know if my son would be able to do what he wanted. So, she would talk to the supervisor and see if it was all right. She would call right back. As we waited, the lady and I were talking about it. The phone rang and she went to answer it. She talked only for a few seconds and then hung up. It was approved, since the officer would meet us there. I would not be able to bring my son over to the station to do it. This made me happy for my son. He was excited about it as we waited for the officer to arrive. The pizzas stayed inside the warmer until the officer arrived. Then the boxes were taken out and placed on the counter. (Gloves were used due to the virus issues and pizzas were untouched.)

When the officer got there, he came in the door. I said hello and asked him if he knew what he was there for. He said he 'kind of' did. I then explained to him....

"This is my son. It is his birthday today and for his birthday, he wanted to order 3  pizzas and give them to the officers to say thank you for your service." The officer looked at him, surprised. He thanked him for his kindness and said happy birthday. Before he left with the pizzas, he got a picture of him and my son together. He thanked us again and went on his way. I could tell by the look on his face, my son felt so good!

When we arrived home, I was messaging a friend of mine and told her the whole story. She searched their Facebook Page and there was the picture! Above the picture was this...

'The Department of Public Safety would like to thank Steven and wish him a Happy Birthday. Steven is shown in the photograph with Officer Sam Pouliot.' 

This made my son turn red! Because of his autism, he gets embarrassed very easily. I assured him that it was very nice of him and I was so proud of him. I am so thankful to God for allowing him to live through his issues after birth and to grow in his faith and kindness, showing his love which shines so bright!

It's not always easy to do special things like this. Sometimes we think, "Heck no! If I order 3 pizzas, I'm not giving them away! I'll eat them myself!" or we might think, "They have more money than me. They can always buy their own if they want some." It doesn't have to be about pizza. It's anything in our lives. We seem to think that just doing something good, that we would never usually think of doing, is so abnormal. We think of ourselves more than others at times. Well, I just want you to know that I intend to learn from my son and begin to look, 'outside the box' from now on! It felt so good to see him so happy, with what he had done. It brought tears to my eyes just watching his reaction. Sometimes I cry, thinking about how much joy and love he fills my heart with.

So, if you ever get a chance to do something for someone, out of the ordinary, please do it. You will be blessed more than you can imagine! You know when you're in pain and it finally goes away? You feel SO good. Well, that's what it feels like to do something for others. The Holy Spirit fills you with so much joy and love, you feel SO good! Promise me that you give it a try. I guarentee you..... You'll receive blessings of joy and happiness, with a lot of love!

I hope you enjoyed this heart-felt message. May God watch over all of us during this time. Stay healthy and safe.

Take care and God bless,


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