Feeling Invisible

26 May

Hello everyone.

Today I would like to share with you something that has been on my mind for quite some time. I hope you like it.

Ally was a 5 year old girl, living with her parents in the fast-paced city of New York. She was an only child. Her mother was a model and work took her away most of the time. Her father was a pilot for a huge airline company. He was only seen on the weekends and sometimes only one day, which consisted of 3 hours.

One day, Ally came out of her room, dressed and ready to go with her mother. She was going to spend the day with her and was so excited. As she reached the kitchen, she stopped. Surprise filled her face, as she looked up at her nanny. "Sorry Ally. Your mom had to go. A press conference was scheduled for today. You can spend the day with her tomorrow." She said. Ally frowned and dragged her feet to the table. She only took four bites of her breakfast, before heading back to her bedroom.

Well, this went on for about two months. Ally was used to being ignored, but it still hurt. She wondered why her parents always forgot about her. She felt abandoned and unloved. Ally had enough! She packed up her little bag and waited for her nanny to leave the kitchen. Then out the door she went, in search for a new family. 

The nanny frantically searched the house! There was no Ally. She ran to the phone and called the airline. Thankfully, Ally's father was not on the plane yet and a substitute pilot was able to take the flight. He rushed home. Ally's mother told her assistant to take care of everything and she met her husband at the house.

A week later, after desperately searching, Ally was found. She told her parents that she felt so alone. Like she wasn't wanted. She left because she was testing them to see if they needed her. They gave her a hug and promised never to ignore her feelings again!

The moral of the story is.... How do you think God feels, when we ignore him? Do we sometimes forget about Him, because we are too busy in our everyday lives? Do we abandon Him, because something important came up? We'll talk to God later, we have to take care of this now. Imagine how that makes Him feel! To be there, waiting for us to come to Him, talk to Him and we turn and walk away, not thinking about anything but ourselves and what we need to do! What would you do if God left, thinking you didn't need Him. He left you to see how long it would take for you to realize. Would you search for Him immediately? Or would you go on with your day, thinking...."I'll pray and talk to Him later."

Then again.... Maybe that is what He did! He "walked away" to test us. To see if we will acknowledge how much we truly need Him in our lives every day. Just remember everything He has done for us...and this is how we sometimes treat Him. Let's try to listen everyday, to the One who truly listens to us. He is there, no matter what we do!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and it opened your heart. Please have a wonderful day!

Take Care & God Bless,


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