04 Jul

Hello everyone. Today I would like to share with you a testimony from one of our Church Members, Doris Cayer. This one gave me chills! Thank you, Doris for allowing me to Blog about it.

In 2016, Doris went in for a colonoscopy. As a result, she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Doris went through surgery and they removed everything that pertained cancer cells, including her appendix.

In 2018, she started to get blockages and was in and out of the hospital. May 3rd, she was taken to Green Bay hospital and admitted. While there, she went through emergency surgery. Doris now had a hernia, as her small intestines were getting through and twisting. That problem was fixed, only to find another issue. Her stoma had died, which caused another surgery.

In June of 2018, Doris was still in the hospital. She was now in excruciating pain. Lying there, she began praying to die. They performed a cat-scan and found a massive infection in her stomach. Now, she was looking at another surgery. They needed to put a drain tube inside, to release the infectious fluid.

When the female anesthesiologist got ready to give Doris the medicine to put her under, Doris had one request... "If I am going to have this pain when I wake up...Don't let me wake up." Hearing her say that, the woman smiled and told her, "We have been praying for you. You'll be fine." After that, Doris fell asleep.

On July 3rd, 2018, Doris was able to move around more. She went downstairs to thank the woman and to ask her how she knew that Doris needed prayers. When she approached the Head Anesthesiologist, she asked to talk to the woman. The man looked at her strangely. "I'm sorry, but we don't have a female anesthesiologist here." He told her. Doris explained to him that it was the lady that gave her the medicine, before they inserted the drain tube. The man stared at her and repeated what he told her. Doris was confused. She knew it was a woman and remembered everything that they discussed. She returned to her room. Doris never found out who she was and never saw the woman again.

The only thing that Doris could think of was,.. "She must have known I needed prayers because she had to have been an angel." Because of her 'guardian angel', Doris was able to move forward with little pain, which became no pain later.

We never know when we will need a guardian angel to help us through trials, but I am relieved to know that there are angels out there to watch over and pray for us. I thank the Lord for giving Doris an angel to let her know that she would be fine. I hope you enjoyed this amazing testimony and thank you again, Doris Cayer for allowing me to share it! God bless you. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

I would also like to ask all of you out there to please pray for Doris. Though she made it through some rough trials, she still is going through some difficult times. Please pray for strength and health. Thank you.

Take care and God bless,


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