08 Mar

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a message that was discussed at Sunday Service. The topic was on Ecclesiastes 3:1-17 (A Time For Everything)

This topic I actually love, because it let's me know that when I have certain issues, I can read His Word and then I get a better understanding of what's happening in my life. The first one I am going to mention is A Time To Be Born and A Time To Die. We have been born, that's obvious, but there is a time when we will all die. It's inevitable. When I hear someone say, "Why did He let this happen?" or "Why did she have to die?" I know that they are hurting from losing a loved one, but we should know that their time has come. It's not because God let this happen. It's not because He refused to heal them. For in the Bible, His Word it states there is a time to die. This helped me when my mother was terminally ill. I never once asked God why. I knew it was coming. Sure, I was sad, but I was also happy because I knew where she was and there was no more suffering. Thank you Jesus.

There Is A Time To Tear Down And A Time To Build-- This one I understand well. This, to me, goes with anything. Life, (Without Jesus) and a new life (With Jesus)... An old, rundown building and a new rebuilt building... Tearing someone down with harsh words and building them up with kind, loving words. It all, no matter what the subject is, has the same outcome. Everything that is "torn down" is better than ever after it is "rebuilt". Kind, loving words bring a warm heart and high self esteem, making a better, happy person. A rebuilt, new building brings a stronger foundation, secure walls and better occupancy. And life with Jesus, well, I believe we all know how amazing that feels! It brings happiness, love, joy, peace, big hearts, hope and Faith plus so much more! With that being said, sometimes things need to be torn down, to rebuild a much better thing!

A Time To Search And A Time To Give Up-- I know this one very well. I learned the hard way! There is a time when you need to search for answers. To search for things that will help you in your trials, as you go through them. However, there is also a time to give up! I was told to "Never give up!" In this case, it's okay. For example, my testimony about my son. I prayed he would get better all the time, as I searched for the reason why he wasn't getting better. It wasn't until I "gave up" and placed him in the Lord's hands, that he started getting better! So it's okay to give up, if you plan on giving it to God. That's where the expression "Let go, Let God." came from.

A Time To Keep And A Time To Throw Away-- This one is easy to me. There is a time to keep something. In my case, that would be Faith, keeping Jesus in my heart and life, helping others when I can and so on. There is also a time to throw away things. Again, in my case that would be me trying to do better with this one. Letting go, (throwing away) of my past. Letting go, (throwing away) my anger. Throwing away bad thoughts. This is something I try to work on every day.

A Time To Be Silent And A Time To Speak-- This one is difficult for me, I have to be honest. There is a time to be silent. Well, common sense tells us that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all! So when you know nothing good is going to come out of it, or it will cause an argument, then stay silent! Also, when you are angry or hurt, you want to stay silent, because sometimes things are said that is bad and you can never take it back afterwards. There is a time to speak. When I know someone needs Jesus, I like to smile at them and asked them if I can help. I also like to share His Word, whenever I can! I like to speak out to people and let them know they were noticed. "That was really nice of you." "I think what you did was awesome." Especially when nobody else says anything to encourage the person.

The one thing that I try not to do is judge people. It's difficult not to judge when you see someone get bullied, hear someone swearing continuously, see kids drinking and doing drugs, while listening to Satanic music. This is something I will probably be working on all my life. (Just being honest) The one thing we have to remember is--God will bring judgement to the righteous and the wicked, both! There will be a time for every activity and ---- a time to judge every deed! 

I hope you enjoyed this topic. I know it is something difficult to search deep inside ourselves and try to understand how this touches our lives. Always remember, Jesus loves us....no matter what! I hope you make "Time" to have a wonderful day!

Take care and God bless,


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